Completed Projects


Project “Confidence building measures between North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria”
Project "The development of a culture of peace and non-violence as a basic value in the educational system in the Republic of Northern Macedonia"
Project "ECONOMIC INTEGRATION OF THE WESTERN BALKAN - Regional Economic Cooperation and Common Regional Market (Mapping Progress) - Opportunity for North Macedonia to approach to the EU Internal Market"

Project "Responding to the socio-economic effects of KOVID-19 by supporting vulnerable groups of low-paid workers, workers who are part of the informal economy and temporary workers"
Project: Covid-19 Budgetary Impact Analysis for Municipalities in North Macedonia
Transparency and accountability of public finances - view from civil society
NDI - programme for legislative advocacy. Enabling private persons to sell electricity from renewable energy sources (Law on energy)
Transparent and efficient state regulatory and oversight bodies
Western balkans pulse for police integrity and trust (Pointpulse)
CSOs as equal partners in monitoring public finance
Macedonia-Greece – Confidence Building Measures, view from civil-society
Working towards resilient communities
NDI - programme for legislative advocacy. Enabling private persons to sell electricity from renewable energy sources (Law on energy)
Mothers Schools Project
Transport and energy sector's current standing in the country, how to accelerate the reform process
Working together for clear air
South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy (SEE SEP)
Western Balkans Civilian Capacities in Peace Operations
“Assessment of Macedonia’s efforts in countering violent extremism, view from civil society”
Comparative analysis: TPPs vs RES and EE in terms of available jobs in Macedonia
Security Transitions in the Western Balkans - From Conflict Zone to Security Community?
Framework Project Fostering Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector in the Western Balkan
Training Course on the Security Sector for the Media
Assessment of the community-policing model in Skopje
TRAIN Programme 2015
Energy efficiency in Macedonia at local level – the challenge of preparing energy efficiency programs
Monitoring of tenders, procurement and budgeting in the energy sector in Macedonia
RRPP: Impact of migration on women empowerment in Western Balkan countries
Research on corruption in public-private partnership at local level
Energy and security sector governance in Macedonia: how to improve its efficiency?
Coordinated participation of civil society in the programming of IPA funds (PRAG - programming relevant for active citizens)
Analysis of the national policies and practices for dealing with illegal migration and asylum seekers
RRPP: Migration and development in Albania and Macedonia: the effects of remittances on education and health of family members left behind
Regional Security in the context of European Integration
TRAIN Programme 2013
Regional Project on Police Corruption
Capacity building of civil society organisations
Mapping and monitoring Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans
Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in Transition States in an Era of Counter-Terrorism - Macedonia case study
School green action for better future
Between the internal and external 'other': de-constructing Macedonian national identity
Synergies for Energy Awareness Change
Changing the habits – how to get to an energy efficient municipality
Entrepreneurship in Macedonia
TRAIN Programme
Energy policy, EU and the Western Balkans: Challenges of reforms and accession - Republic of Macedonia as a case study
Balkan Trust from Democracy
OSI – Capacity Building Grant
European Fund for the Balkans – Think and Link Programme
Assessment of capacities to combat illicit trafficking of humans-related criminal activity: the case of Macedonia