Project: Covid-19 Budgetary Impact Analysis for Municipalities in North Macedonia

The COVID-19 crisis is having an unprecedented social and economic impact in the EBRD region and worldwide. The impact is as severe in the infrastructure sector as in the rest of the economy, and is felt on both the central and local level.

Just as central government, local self-governments are operating under a crisis response mode since the Covid-19 outbreak. Local self-governments in North Macedonia need urgent and immediate assistance to understand the impacts that the Covid-19 virus is likely to have on budgets and finances of municipalities and public utility companies (PUCs), as well as how this impact is reflected on provision of key infrastructure and other key public services under their responsibility. Analytica was required to undertake impact analysis and make recommendations on immediate actions that municipal government officers should take to mitigate these.

It is envisaged that there will be two stages in the project assignment:

Stage 1: Stakeholder engagement, data collection, and suggestions of immediate measures to enable municipalities to cope with Covid-19 challenges;

Stage 2: Data analysis, reporting and recommendations for more efficient public financial management and public service delivery for municipalities in North Macedonia in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The project is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
Our reseachers Tamara M. Spasova, Bojana M.Hristovska and Borce Trenovski will work on the implementation of the project activities in the upcoming period.