Project "Responding to the socio-economic effects of KOVID-19 by supporting vulnerable groups of low-paid workers, workers who are part of the informal economy and temporary workers"

Aim of the project: Determining the situation and effects of the adopted measures to deal with KOVID-19, on vulnerable groups of citizens (workers from the informal economy or cultural workers, catering sector, trade and domestic workers), as well as creating a basis for improving existing measures / policies and creating greater resistance this category of citizens to the consequences of similar crises in the future.


  • Analysis of the situation and the impact of Covid-19 on workers in the informal economy
  • Identification of existing central government measures relating to vulnerable categories of citizens (workers in the informal economy)
  • Identification of good practices / policies at the local level relating to of vulnerable categories of citizens (workers of the informal economy)
  • Establishment of joint cooperation with associations locally in order to analyze the situation on the ground
  • Locally detecting the challenges and risks that arise in practice
  • Proposing measures to protect workers from the informal economy from the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis

The project is funded by the Open Society Foundation - Macedonia. Our researchers Tamara M. Spasova, Bojana M. Hristovska, Borce Trenovski, Biljana Tashevska and Kristijan Kozeski in the coming period will work on implementing activities of the project.