EU approximation and Integration advocacy

Integration into EU structures is a transformational source for Macedonia and in the wider context of Southeast Europe as well as it is a major issue that shapes the reform agenda in the Western Balkan countries. The process of EU approximation entails numerous in-depth reforms of various sectors such as the economy, youth, administration, the judiciary as well as legislative harmonization. Analytica intends to contribute to the overall success of the EU approximation process by providing necessary tools, recommendations, analyses and concrete steps to be undertaken by the policy makers.

New resources can also help the policy-makers, experts and others who are working on the issue of European integration and Western Balkans to master new knowledge that can be useful in their work towards the European integration of Macedonia and other countries of the Western Balkans. Access to relevant information can provide both the EU and the Macedonian audience with new information and tools which can be applied in everyday life and contribute to an improved image of Macedonia.



The road to financial transparency and accountability of the institutions and companies in the energy sector in the Republic of Macedonia

ИЗГУБЕНИ ВО РЕФОРМИТЕ? Што следи по лошото планирање на одложувањето на либерализацијата на пазарот на енергетика во Македонија?
How to deal with energy poverty when there is no comprehensive research or definition on it?

Како да се справиме со енергетската сиромаштија при недостиг на сепофатни истражувања или дефиниции?

Energy poverty in Macedonia

Анализа на Законот за изменување и дополнување на Законот за енергетика од мај 2013

Ставовите на македонскиот граѓански сектор за програмирањето на ИПА фондовите за 2014-2020 година во Македонија.

How far is Macedonia in fulfilling the requirements under Chapter 27 - Environment of the acquis

Анализа на последниот предлог за изменување и дополнување на Законот за енергетика од јули 2012

"Follow up – Macedonia and EU Funds – guidelines for Civil Society Organizations & expectations for the future"

Action Memo – final document of the Young Faces Network Programme 2010 organized by the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF)

Emergence of Regional Leader in the Western Balkans - The case of Serbia and the implications for Macedonia

Greening the energy sector-Does Macedonia need nuclear energy?

How far is Macedonia in fulfilling the requirements under the Energy chapter of the acquis?

Implementing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Measures - are Southeast European Countries on track? Barriers, Positive examples, proposed measures and policies

Macedonia’s lagging behind in efficient usage of EU Funds (IPA, the Framework Programmes) – Analytica’s analysis
Four Years from the Candidacy Status – what has been done and what can be expected?
Swedish Presidency with the EU - Expectations for the Western Balkans
Ending ‘Ghettoisation’ of the Western Balkans Visa Liberalisation Prospects
Macedonia and the Western Balkans Awaiting the 2008 EU Progress Reports: Back to Basics BRIEF
The Enlargement of the EU to Balkans
Social Policy in Macedonia: Progress with EU Approximation
Employment: Progress with EU Approximation in Macedonia
Of Homework and Roadmaps: How to Speed up EU Integration of Macedonia
Has regional cooperation led to the establishment of Balkania: Europe’s Southeastern Dimension
EU Approximation in Macedonia
Grassroots Europeanisation in the Western Balkans is just starting: Visa facilitation
The end of a long transition? Macedonia's readiness for EU candidacy.

Analytica's and partners' comments to Macedonia’s INDC

Analytica's comments about the delay of the electricity market liberalization in Macedonia

Analytica's comments to the EBRD's country strategy for Macedonia

Analytica’s comments on the Renewable Energy Action Plan for the Republic of Macedonia

Programme supervisor: Mr. Veli Kreci