The time spent as an intern in Analytica, is one that I will recall with great appreciation. It is a rare case these days where you can find an organization based on quality and dedication, positive working atmosphere and motivational colleagues. This is all that I have encountered in Analytica. The importance of my internship experience was that it represented a combination of knowledge based and devoted working hours in a highly stimulating surrounding.

The scope of knowledge that I gained does not only covers my area of research, but extends much further. The working environment in Analytica enables you to learn from basic life experiences, to approach problems creatively and critically. It was e great pleasure for me to use and make the best if this amazing opportunity.

Looking back over my summer internship, I have no doubt that the opportunity I was given by Analytica was an inspiring experience for me. As a research intern I gained valuable working experience as I had the chance to work in the still developing region of Balkans and familiarize myself with the current situation of the Republic of Macedonia.

Moreover, through my work with Analytica and the help of my colleagues I had the opportunity to exercise and improve my research and writing skills. I was given the chance to take on a varied set of responsibilities around the office and participate in interesting events.

All in all my internship with Analytica has been a wonderful experience with great colleagues that welcomed me and accepted me from the very beginning as part of the team, in a friendly office atmosphere. I strongly recommend the internship with Analytica to anyone who is interested in getting a good insight of a well-organized and dynamic think tank with a unique hardworking, ambitious and young team.

For me personally Analytica was a great experience. I learned some important skills about report making and I got in touch with the intellectual values of other countries whose target was (at that time) to join the EU. The internship with Analytica has taught me to anticipate the changes in the economic and social environment in Romania after joining the EU”.

"Being part of the Analytica internship program has been such a great experience for me. Spending three months as an intern in Analytica helped me to expand my knowledge and be in track with the everyday news since we were discussing on different issues every day.

I have been able to relate both what I have learned in classes with what I am learning in Analytica by working on my project and vice versa. Overall that led me in the right direction to choose the major for my master program and also to my future job. And for the future research interns I would say that this is an opportunity to learn something new and that Analytica internship program is my idea of what an internship is supposed to be like".

"My experience as a research intern in Analytica has been a very fruitful one since it has provided me with the opportunity of exploring a new topic which has served me as the perfect opportunity to participate in workshops and conferences on the subject getting in touch with other international experts who jointly with the Analytica experts have helped me to enlarge my knowledge, research and analytical skills".