We celebrate 15 Years of Our Service for fostering democracy and good governance

Starting as a small organization, on the scenery of under-developed Macedonian civil society with multi-ethnic vision of shared values and ideas about a prosperous country and region, it has passed 10 years since Analytica think tank was founded by five visionary people. Lot has been accomplished these ten years, from the modest beginnings to recognition as one of the leading think tanks in the country and the region recognizable by expertise in certain policy areas such as security, energy policy and EU integration matters. As the story continues, Analytica will not stop here and will aim even higher in the next period.

Analytica is its researchers, interns, fellows and collaborators. Analytica is all the people that have passed through its door and left a mark in a written word or a speech. Analytica is more than twenty successfully implemented projects, over 60 produced policy analysis, more than 10 organized events, much research based advocacy, аll of which was delivered on time following the highest research principles of objectivity, with devotion and passion. Analytica is pages and pages of research, fact-based, methodologically sound and above all objective. The only goal of Analytica has been independence. Independence from political influence, independence from donor influence, independence of the truest form – to follow your instinct and research topics that are highly important not only for the state and its institutions but for the benefit of all citizens no matter their religion, ethnic or social background.

There is not enough space here to thank everybody involved in some form in the building of Analytica as it is today. So many people from all the corners of the world have left a mark and enriched this organisation. It is rare to see such big institutional knowledge in one small organisation in the Balkans, where things too often do not last for a long time. The legacy of Analytica is its research, the quality of the analyses, and the openness of the publishing process. Analytica has never charged nor it will charge in the future for sharing of its research. It is for the benefit of everyone and ideas should never be closed or with a price tag – ideas are free and should be treated as such. At the end of the day, as a think tank we are following our first and foremost guiding principle – to improve public policies in the areas of our work and contribute to good governance based on high-quality research. Therefore, we highly value access to information, openness and exchange of ideas.

Analytica’s team was the one that carried the biggest weight through the years. Changes, consolidations, we have built a power team, one that tackles topics rarely researched by the civil society such as security or energy issues. Apart from that, Analytica has always supported joining the EU and NATO and has worked and will continue working on the admission of Macedonia where it rightfully belongs – in the family of other European countries. There is still lot to be done, even more than in the past 10 years, however Analytica has never shined away from challenges, rather it embraces them and uses them for creating even better research and analysis.

Our vision is Analytica 2020 – think tank that not only answers current issues but sets agendas and trends. If in the past we have worked on building strong and recognizable organisation with several core topics of research, in the next period we plan to establish Analytica higher in the scale of the decision-making process in the country and beyond. Analytica 2020 aims at sustainability, open sharing of knowledge and trend-setting. We at Analytica are more eager than ever to embrace these challenges and we invite our friends and partners to join us in this endeavor.

In the following period more details and information will be disseminated through our webpage and to all our friends and partners on the envisaged activities and events for 2015 in line with the celebration of the decade of excellence.

Yours, Analytica team.