Assessment of capacities to combat illicit trafficking of humans-related criminal activity: the case of Macedonia

Assessment of capacities to combat illicit trafficking of humans-related criminal activity: the case of Macedonia


Project dates: 2008 - 2010


In 2009 Analytica started a NATO funded project, examining the current challenges of the Human Trafficking problem in Macedonia. For that purpose until now we have published 5 policy briefs tackling the issues of:


  1. Policies of the International Community on trafficking in human beings: the case of OSCE


Even though Human Trafficking is mainly perceived as a problem of the national governments still the need for more regional response enhanced with a best practice expertise lays the foundations for the involvement of the International organizations. Human Trafficking has lot to with security and in this regards the work of the OSCE. This brief examines how the OSCE treats this question and more precisely what kind of support and polices it has developed to address this question.


  1. Combating the Trafficking in Human Beings


The 2nd brief serves as an outline of the current situation in Macedonia regarding the Human Trafficking. It provides the readers with concrete information on the policies and mechanisms that the government has established to fight this type of crime.


  1. Social integration of Human Trafficking victims


There are no successful policies in the case of human trafficking if there are no social integration components involved. Having this said this brief gives an overview of the capacities and resources available for reintegration of the victims of human trafficking in Macedonia. It displays the main stakeholders of the reintegration process pointing out possible models for reintegration and things that can be improved and deserve greater attention. This policy brief analyzes the mechanisms that are available for reintegration of the human trafficking victims in Macedonia. It goes even further discussing and pointing out the capacities of the country to deal with this topic.


  1. Pressing issues and problems with prosecution of traffickers of human beings in Macedonia


The forth brief goes in depth when it comes to the challenges that the state authorities, primarily the Police is facing in combating human trafficking. It gives an overview of the implementation of the Article 418 (human trafficking) of the Criminal Code and more specifically Articles 418 a and 418 v. In addition It also looks on the implementation on the Law on Witness Protection and the Law on Criminal Proceedings in regards to the witnesses in human trafficking cases. The report concludes with recommendations for more efficient combat against human trafficking.


V. Police capacities to combat human trafficking


Recognizing the police sector as a vital element in combating human trafficking gives us the basis for investigating the current challenges Macedonian police is facing. This brief will closely examine the problematic areas of the work of the Police in the fight against human trafficking. In addition, it will also put forward a set of recommendations that can improve the overall performance in regards to combating human trafficking.