TRAIN Programme


Analytica is pleased to announce its participation in the TRAIN Programme (Think Tanks providing Research and Advice through Interaction and Networking) launched by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). The two researchers of Analytica, Agim Selami and Sonja Risteska, are going to work on writing a policy paper on “Regulatory Impact Assessment in Macedonia – an instrument for better regulation”.



The program seeks to foster a fruitful policy dialogue between think tanks and political actors in the Western Balkans.

Especially with a view to the European integration process, the voice of regional think tanks and their impact upon national policy-making must be strengthened and their visibility and credibility vis-à-vis EU actors enhanced. In order to build the necessary institutional capacity in the countries concerned and to support networking within the region as well as in Brussels, the programme focuses on four areas:


- Training to build upon and enhance existing capacities; 
- Regional co-operation to exchange good practices;
- Interaction with national political actors to influence policy debates;
- Networking with EU actors to increase visibility on the Brussels stage.



The TRAIN programme is divided into three key stages:


1. An introductory regional conference will offer the occasion to set the research agenda, exchange good practices, and begin networking. Targeted workshops will aim to enhance existing capacities with regard to the drafting of policy papers, media relations, and efficient dissemination strategies.

2. Individual work on the policy paper and dissemination strategy will take up the bulk of the programme duration. Participating think tanks will be expected to draft a policy paper closely related to a topic relevant to the EU integration process of their respective country and containing concrete advice and policy options. The results of this process should be communicated to national parliamentarians and media in the framework of a hearing organised by the think tank.

3. A final wrap-up conference in Brussels will allow the participating think tanks to present their findings to EU decision-makers and thus to establish contacts with relevant Brussels actors.

For more information about DGAP and TRAIN visit the link:

"Compilation of all of the policy papers from TRAIN 2010 is now available on this link"

Think Tanks providing Research and Advice through Interaction and Networking

Roundtable Discussion "Strengthening the role of Regulatory Impact Assessment in the policy-making process in Macedonia"

Closing Seminar: 5-9 December 2010, Brussels

Strengthening the role of RIA in the policy-making process in Macedonia