Monitoring of tenders, procurement and budgeting in the energy sector in Macedonia

In the following five months Analytica will work on a developing a mechanism to ensure financial accountability of the institutions in the field of energy policy (Ministry of economy, ELEM, MEPSO, the Energy Regulatory Commission) as a platform to influence the design and implementation of future budgets, tenders and public procurement. In the longer term, the results of the project are expected to encourage democratic reforms for greater financial accountability and transparency in the energy sector and the involvement of other actors who have a role of supervision and control (Parliament, the media, other civil society organizations). This project is re-granted through the Action network for good governance (Акциска мрежа за добро владеење) which is a network of three Macedonian organisations: Metamorfozis, MCET and Reaktor. The main donor is the European Commission through its Civil Society Facility (CSF) Program.

Objectives of the project:

- Publishing a shadow report on the process of budgeting and tendering procedures for public procurement in the energy sector in the Republic Macedonia.

- Advocacy in order to improve the management of funds by the institutions in this sector.

- Improving public policy debates that will lead to an increase in the number and quality of participants debating budgetary issues in the energy sector, especially considering the liberalization of the energy market that needs to happen on January 1, 2015.

The analysis will refer to the Ministry of Economy, Energy Regulatory Commission, Energy Agency, Commission for Protection of Competition, ELEM and MEPSO. The research results will be useful for civil society organizations working to encourage accountability and transparency in budgeting, public procurement and tendering procedures, then the parliamentary committees (Committee for economic affairs, Committee for Financing and Budget and others), as well as other interested stakeholders especially the donor community, media etc. The broader target group are the citizens who in this way will be able to get information about the spending of their tax money by the energy sector.

Main activities of the project are: 1). Monitoring the budgeting process of  ELEM, MEPSO, etc., tendering and public procurement by the Ministry of Economy, as well as the companies, oversight on these processes done by the Energy Regulatory Commission and the Commission for Protection of Competition (planning, approval, execution, review) as well as the State Audit Office; 2). Writing a shadow report after the completion of monitoring and analysis; 3). Organizing two events, one for media one for experts where there will be discussions on the presented results.

File-pdf-32The road to financial transparency and accountability of the institutions and companies in the energy sector in the Republic of Macedonia


Project leader: Sonja Zuber This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.