Mothers Schools Project

Mothers Schools Project

Analytica Think Tank is happy to announce its next project, titled “Mother Schools for Countering Radicalism”. This project will be implemented in cooperation with Women Without Borders, our partner organization from Austria. The project aims to raise awareness on countering radicalism and enhance the competences and capabilities of mothers from Macedonia to deal with the phenomenon of radicalization, in their relationship with children.

The project will provide trainings for mothers in order to empower them to build a community based security strategy to counter radical ideologies. Moreover it will provide mothers with the capacity and knowledge to preempt and react to early warning signs of radicalization in their children. Within this model, mothers can work to demystify the threat and engage their families and communities to be vigilant and mobilized against this threat.

The implementation of the project is set to start in December 2016 and finish in March 2017.

Our partner organization Women without Borders has an extensive track record when it comes to working with affected communities throughout the world. Analytica is delighted for being chosen as a local partner in Macedonia and the project as such is pilot activity in the whole of the Western Balkans. Moreover for the implementation of this project we have partnered up with Adelina Marku, a respected and influential women's and civil society activist.

More information about Women Without Borders is available here:

For more information about the project implementation in Macedonia please contact Mr. Samet Shabani (Project Coordinator) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..