Working together for clear air

Working together for clear air

Eko-svest and project partners Reactor - Research in Action, Analytica, Center for Climate Change, Macedonian Green Center and ORT - Training for Sustainable Development have joined their forces to work on the issue of air pollution in Macedonia which has reached alarming levels in the last several years. The aim of the 12-month long project is to advocate for clean air on more levels, by improving communication between relevant bodies dealing with air pollution, working with Macedonian Assembly and working with media to ensure US and EU practices on reduction of air pollution are implemented in Macedonia. The beneficiaries are the Macedonian Assembly, relevant institutions dealing with air pollution and media, as well as all citizens of Macedonia. At the end of this project beneficiaries will have better communication and a Short-term Action Plan for response to high air pollution will be generated.

The goal of the proposed project is to ensure that air pollution is done on all levels and that access to clean air and clean environment is guaranteed for each citizen.

The objectives of the proposed project are:
- improvement of cooperation between institutions responsible for sectors that cause most severe air pollution
- proposing a response plan for air pollution management in Skopje
- working with Macedonian Assembly to initiate public debate on air pollution
- working with media to ensure they take an active role in solving the problem of air pollution
- mobilizing citizens to express their opinion of air pollution before relevant authorities in a structured way
- EU and US practices on reduction of air pollution are implemented in Macedonia

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For more info on Analytica's involvement in this project please contact Research and management coordinator Sonja Risteska at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..