Transparency and accountability of public finances - view from civil society

In September 2017, with support of CIVICA MOBILITAS, Analyica think tank started working on 6 months project, for transparency and accountability of public finances, but with special focus on public private partnership (PPP). The main research topic of the project is the legal framework for PPPs, PPP contracts, the process of implementation and monitoring of PPPs, as well as the challenges that institutions and companies are facing with in the process of implementation of PPPs.

Bearing in mind that the relevant international institutions and the international community have already noted this problem for years, and strongly suggesting significant improvement of fiscal transparency, the transparency of the institutions regarding the spending of public money and the involvement of the civil sector in the process of decision making is essential. At the same time, the understanding of public finances among the wider public is very low, hence the concept of public finances, particularly in this case the concept of PPP, needs to be brought closer to ordinary citizens. This implies active involvement of CSOs in monitoring the efficiency of spending public funds and enabling citizen participation in policy-making.

The main goal of the project is to improve the transparency and accountability of public finances in the country and to strengthen the knowledge of CSOs and the media on public finances and PPP in order to act as a guardian of public institutions and to monitor public finances.

Our researchers Tamara M. Spasova and Bojana M. Hristovska work on the implementation of the project activities.


Public-private partnership: problems and opportunities Republic of Macedonia

Јавно приватно партнерство: проблеми и можности Република Македонија