Western Balkans Civilian Capacities in Peace Operations

Analytica has started implementing a project on Macedonia’s civilian capacities for peace operations. The first phase of the project included working on a baseline studies of civilian capacities available for such operations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia, including mapping the practical and political challenges and opportunities in their deployment.

The second phase of the project intends to strengthen the knowledge of relevant stakeholders in the respective governments of policy options going forward to realize the ambition of deploying civilians, and support capacity development of the states to roster, train and deploy civilian capacities. This will be done through the provision of policy options, background notes, and facilitation of input by other seasoned actors in this field.

This project is conducted together with the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, the Center for Security Studies (Sarajevo), the Centre for Peace Studies (Zagreb) and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, supported by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Macedonia’s preparations for civilian contribution to peace operations – The next big thing after the withdrawal from Afganistan

- Article Journal of Regional Security

- Policy Brief  English / Macedonian

- UN Peacekeeping profile – The Republic of Macedonia

For more information about the project please contact Mr. Andreja Bogdanovski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..