Energy andInfrastructure

Throughout the region, the energy sector suffers from a history of under-investment and low standards of maintenance. Macedonia and the wider region of the Western Balkans is expected in coming years to rehabilitate the energy sector in order to improve the electricity supply to homes and businesses. Analytica will provide comprehensive analysis of the relevant institutions, including independent energy regulators and also review possibilities offered by the potential of establishment of the regional market through the Energy Community Treaty.

In addition, Analytica will conduct research on the alternative sources of energy and the possibilities and capacities for their implementation in the region, thus contributing to finding creative solutions for the energy crisis. In its work Analytica will also cover issues on energy efficiency and climate changes, identifying the best environmental friendly policies.


Анализа на локалните програми за енергетска ефикасност во Македонија – состојби, предизвици, решенија  
Ризици од корупција кај јавно приватно партнерство во Македонија  
 The state of energy (in)security in Macedonia MK AL
Energy and security sector governance in Macedonia: how to improve its efficiency? MK  
Local gasification policies in Macedonia: exploring pioneer projects  
Security and energy sectors' cooperation with the civil society in Macedonia – friends or foes? MK  

Energy poverty in Macedonia

Анализа на Законот за изменување и дополнување на Законот за енергетика од мај 2013

Анализа на последниот предлог за изменување и дополнување на Законот за енергетика од јули 2012

The story of the Macedonian heat market – how to reform it?

The challenge of achieving sustainable renewable energy policy in Macedonia

Scanning Macedonia's performance under the European Commission's Progress Report's Chapter 21: A race with obstacles? – Part II MK  
Scanning Macedonia’s performance under the European Commission’s progress report’s chapter 21: A race with obstacles? – Part I MK  

Greening the energy sector-Does Macedonia need nuclear energy?

How far is Macedonia in fulfilling the requirements under the Energy chapter of the acquis?

Implementing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Measures - are Southeast European Countries on track? Barriers, Positive examples, proposed measures and policies

Investments in Energy - the Macedonian case  
Renewable energy in Macedonia - Focus on ‘green’ electricity production  
Gas pipelines and Regional challenges: Assessment of the Macedonian role in the SEE natural gas market
Natural gas – an energy necessity for Macedonia: Overview of the Macedonian energy potential  
Macedonia Needs a Power Plant: A Reality or Near Future
Analytica's and partners' comments to Macedonia’s INDC
Analytica's comments about the delay of the electricity market liberalization in Macedonia
Analytica's comments to the EBRD's country strategy for Macedonia
Analytica's comments on the draft law amending the Energy law submitted by the citizens' initiative AMAN
Analytica’s comments on the Renewable Energy Action Plan for the Republic of Macedonia
Analytica’s suggestions for the Program for work of the Government of Macedonia for 2014
Analytica’s suggestions for the Program for work of the Government of Macedonia for 2015

Adjunct Research Fellow of the program: Ana Stojilovska

Programme supervisor: Prof.Phd. Veli Kreci, senior reseacher