2016 October
The Future of International Police Missions in the New Global Security Environment – Contribution of Western Balkans Police Forces to EU’s International Policing
 2016 September
Macro analysis - case study Macedonia.


May 2016
File-pdf-32Civilian Capacities for Peace Operations – Finland

December 2015
File-pdf-32Assessing the Oversight Mechanisms of the Police Forces in Macedonia

4 September 2015
File-pdf-32Macedonia – back in the global spotlight

18 August 2015
File-pdf-32Oversight and Transparency in the Canadian Intelligence Establishment: Lessons for a Young Democracy

24 May 2015
File-pdf-32Migration and Women Empowerment in the Western Balkan countries

21 November 2014
File-pdf-32Ризици од корупција кај јавно приватно партнерство во Македонија

14 September 2014
File-pdf-32We did criminalize it – now what? Western Balkans response to the foreign fighters threat

8 September 2014
File-pdf-32Peacekeeping Profile: The Republic of Macedonia

31 July 2014
File-pdf-32Macedonia's preparations for civilian contribution to peace operations - the next big thing after the withdrawal from Afghanistan? - "Paper authored by Andreja Bogdanovski"

21 February 2014
File-pdf-32Police cooperation in the field of illegal migration and human smuggling - policy brief written within the Young Faces Network Program organized by DCAF

29 December 2013
File-pdf-32Local gasification policies in Macedonia: exploring pioneer projects

19 December 2013
File-pdf-32Security and energy sectors' cooperation with the civil society in Macedonia – friends or foes?

09 November 2013
File-pdf-32Energy poverty in Macedonia
mkd_icon alb_icon

30 september 2013
File-pdf-32Migration and Development in Albania and Macedonia: the effects of migration and of remittances on education and health of family members left behind

26 July 2013
File-pdf-32Анализа на Законот за изменување и дополнување на Законот за енергетика од мај 2013

28 August 2012
File-pdf-32Анализа на последниот предлог за изменување и дополнување на Законот за енергетика од јули 2012

21 November 2011
File-pdf-32Action Memo – final document of the Young Faces Network Programme 2010 organized by the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF)

16 December 2010
File-pdf-32Strengthening the role of RIA in the policy-making process in Macedonia  mkd_icon alb_icon

24 November 2010
File-pdf-32How far is Macedonia in fulfilling the requirements under the Energy chapter of the acquis?

24 November 2010
File-pdf-32Greening the energy sector-Does Macedonia need nuclear energy?

29 July 2010
File-pdf-32Legal Insights into Macedonia’s newly approved Law on Public Servants  mkd_icon alb_icon tr_icon

30 July 2009
File-pdf-32Swedish Presidency with the EU - Expectations for the Western Balkans  mkd_icon alb_icon

03 November 2008
File-pdf-32Macedonia and the Western Balkans Awaiting the 2008 EU Progress Reports: Back to Basics BRIEF

25 March 2008
File-pdf-32A NATO Solution for Macedonia

05 June 2007
File-pdf-32A threshold for European aspirations. NATO membership. 2008

05 May 2007
File-pdf-32Grassroots Europeanisation in the Western Balkans is just starting:
Visa facilitation

22 August 2006
File-pdf-32Conceptualizing decentralization trends in Macedonia.