Quantitative Analysis of Heated Tobacco Usage Patterns and Impacts in North Macedonia.

We are thrilled to share that we have been collaborating with the World Bank on a groundbreaking project: "Quantitative Analysis of Heated Tobacco Usage Patterns and Impacts in North Macedonia." 
Our proposal aims to conduct a comprehensive quantitative analysis of heated tobacco usage patterns and their impacts within the context of North Macedonia. This project is not merely an observational study; it is a strategic endeavor aimed at unraveling the complexities of new tobacco consumption trends and their implications.
With the rising popularity of heated tobacco products, understanding the dynamics, prevalence, and associated factors influencing their usage in the local population is crucial. In North Macedonia, the tobacco consumption landscape is witnessing a shift with the introduction of heated tobacco products. This trend, while not entirely understood, represents a critical area of study due to its potential impact on public health and societal behavior.
📉 Project Background:
North Macedonia ranks high globally in smoking prevalence, with a rate of 48.4% in 2019, far above the EU average.
Recent years have seen a rise in the use of heated tobacco products, despite their higher cost compared to traditional cigarettes.
📊 Study Objectives:
Determine intensity of heated tobacco product use across diverse demographics in North Macedonia.
Investigate patterns of dual use (with cigarettes) or poly use (with other tobacco products) among heated tobacco users.
Identify the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of heated tobacco product users.
Understand the motivations for using heated tobacco products, including health considerations and smoking cessation attempts.
Assess the impact of marketing and media on the popularity and perception of heated tobacco products.
📋 Methodology:
Analytica conducted an extensive and in-depth survey research.
This includes a comprehensive survey to investigate the intensity, dual use, or poly use of heated tobacco products, as well as policy-related questions to understand motivations behind using these products.
We believe our team is uniquely qualified to undertake this study, bringing methodological expertise, analytical acumen, and a proven track record in delivering high-quality, impactful research. Our commitment extends beyond data collection to encompass comprehensive analysis and the development of insightful, evidence-based recommendations.
Stay tuned as we finalize this important analysis and work towards shedding light on the new trends in tobacco consumption in North Macedonia.
This project is supported by the World Bank.