Policy Paper writing workshop – Young Faces Network, Ljubljana – Slovenia

Between 5 – 7 July, Analytica’s Research Fellow Andreja Bogdanovski participated at the second and final event of the “Young Faces Network” organized by the Geneva Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). In Ljubljana Mr. Bogdanovski presented his policy paper dealing with the challenges that the EU Monitoring Mission to Georgia has been facing since its establishment, namely being the lack of access of the mission’s monitors to all the areas affected by the Russian – Georgian war in 2008.  The program itself is designed for young researchers interested in developing their skills in policy paper writing and in particular themes that are relevant to the development of the region of South East Europe. This year’s topic was EU Peace Support Operations.

Inter-regional Workshop on Cross-Border Cooperation, Chisinau - Moldova, 24-26 June

introFrom 24-26 June, 2010, Agim Selami participated at the "Inter-regional Workshop on Cross-Border Cooperation" held in Chisinau, Moldova. The event was organized by the International Centre for Democratic Transition and it is part of a two year project, implemented in close cooperation with a variety of governmental and civil society stakeholders from two different groups of countries (the Western Balkans and the countries participating in the EU's recently launched Eastern Partnership), linked based on their relationship in the framework of European Union policies.

Security Sector Mapping, 5th workshop, Zagreb – Croatia 20 – 24 June

introAs part of the “Mapping and Monitoring Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans” project, our Research Fellow Andreja Bogdanovski and our Residential Intern Angel Kulakov attended and actively contributed at the fifth regional workshop in Zagreb, Croatia. This time the workshop focused on the new set of criteria that will be the basis for the next two months of extensive research: Representativeness and Budget Transparency, both related to the security sectors in the respective countries. Apart from this the workshop served as a place where all representatives exchanged their findings on the draft papers previously written on: General Transparency and Parliamentary Control and Oversight of the security sector.

Second Graduate Student Conference: “Implementing Energy Efficiency through Renewable Energy Solutions - are Southeast European Countries on track?”

introOn the 14th of June 2010, Analytica organized its Second EE and RES Conference at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje. This conference is part of a bigger project that Analytica is conducting called Energy policy, EU and the Western Balkans: challenges of reforms and accession - Republic of Macedonia as a case study financed by the European Fund for the Balkans in Belgrade, Serbia. The participants at the workshop were professors, PhD candidates, officials from the Energy Agency and the EU Mission in Skopje, professionals working in the field of energy, civil society organizations and post-graduate students from Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Germany and other countries giving presentations on the topics of New Energy Efficiency Trends in the Western Balkans, Renewable Energy Technologies, Solar Energy Solutions and Regional Cooperation on EE and RES matters.