Signing Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Civil-Military Relations

September 20, 2008, Analytica, Skopje

Analytica was host to a 12 member delegation from the Centre for Civil-Military Relations from Belgrade, Serbia. On this occasion, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed, formalising the well established cooperation between the two organisations. An exchange of experiences on various topics followed between the members of the two parties.

Local Agenda 21 and Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) Lectures from the Project “Building National Capacities: Harmonization, Legislation and Management” supported by the European Fund for the Balkans

October 3, 2008, Youth Cultural Centre, Skopje

Panel 1. Mr. Samir Memedov, Environment Practice, Programme Associate, UNDP, Skopje. The lecture was devoted to the principles of the Local Agenda 21, stressing the challenges of its application on local level. Panel 2. Ms. Kristina Temkova, Collaborator for LED, Municipality of Gazi Baba, Skopje The lecture offered an insight into the practices of implementing the LEAP of the Municipality of Gazi Baba. It was emphasized that this municipality, since the decentralization process, has implemented many sustainable projects of the LEAP framework.

Reduction of source pollution from agro-chemicals and Biological treatment of wastewater& Alternative energy from wastewaters Lectures from the Project “Building National Capacities: Harmonization, Legislation and Management” supported by the European Fun

December 24, 2008, FACE (Agro-classroom), Skopje

Panel 1. Ms. Gordana Popsimonova, PhD, Institute of Agriculture, Skopje. The lecturer presented the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive, at the same time stressing out the importance of the prevention of water bodies contamination and best available techniques for achieving this objective.

Meeting with Mr. Marjan Risteski, the mayor of Prilep

January 15, 2009, Prilep

Analytica research fellows were warmly welcomed by Mr. Marjan Risteski, the mayor of Prilep. Our team had the opportunity to meet the municipality's administration and on a round table to discuss the environmental issues in the municipality and the performance of the local authorities in the environmental sector. The debate was about the environmental priorities and future actions towards continual improvement of the state of the environment of this local self-government. Furthermore the event offered fresh, new insights on pressing environmental issues like attaining safe water and abatement of river pollution from long-term wastewater discharges. Additionally, the discussion enabled transfer of experiences between the two meeting parties, the local authorities and Analytica.