Third regional workshop - Balkan monitoring public finances project

Third regional workshop - Balkan monitoring public finances project

Analytica’s Team attended the third regional workshop within the project - Civil society organizations as equal partners in monitoring of public finance, which took place in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo in the period of 6-10 March 2017.

Within this regional workshop generally was discussed the draft texts of the four national analysis (public debt, public-private partnerships, taxation and public infratsruktura), what are the challenges faced by the 7 partners of the project regarding the analysis, as well as steps to overcome them.

These 4 national analyzes should result in 4 regional analyzes. Likewise, the partners have discussed the engagement of local and international experts that would add value and extra credibility of the 4 regional analyzes.

At the same time, at the regional workshop were defined criteria, rules and deadlines for the granting of NGOs, media and experts in the next period, in each of the partner countries within the project.

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