LEDS E&E Regional Platform (LEDS-EEP) Inception Workshop

LEDS E&E Regional Platform (LEDS-EEP) Inception Workshop

On the 7th and 8th of December 2016, our Research and Management Coordinator Sonja Risteska, took part in the Inception Workshop in Budapest Hungary regarding the forming of the Europe and Eurasia (E&E) Regional LEDS Platform (LEDS-EEP). This will be the regional platform of the LEDS Global Partnership (LEDS-GP) for the E&E region.


The LEDS-EEP mission is to create and support a community of practitioners that will promote and implement Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) across the E&E region, which is comprised of Europe and the nations of the Black Sea region. The platform is designed to support peer-to peer learning, knowledge sharing, advisory support, and improved regional coordination and cooperation among governmental and non-governmental partners, including academia, business, associations, NGOs and individuals to help E&E countries achieve transformative, climate-smart, sustainable economic growth in the 21st century.


The LEDS-EEP will accomplish its mission through the following objectives:

  • Create a regional knowledge management and communication platform on LEDS to encourage information exchange and sharing of experience and expertise across countries in the E&E region;
  • Strengthen the leadership, expertise, coordination and support for effective implementation of LEDS in all countries of the region;
  • Enhance dialogue among a broad range of government and non-government stakeholders impacted by potential LEDS policies;
  • Provide a method of coordinating scarce donor resources for technical assistance; and
  • Act as a catalyst to promote regional cooperation, integration and development.

The LEDS-EEP adopts these Principles from the LEDS-GP to guide the functioning and decision-making in the platform:

  1. Openness, inclusiveness and transparency
  2. Quality work and merit-based decision making
  3. Linking policy, practice and research
  4. Combining knowledge with experience
  5. Evidence based advocacy and consensus building
  6. Sharing experiences, practices, data, information and knowledge.

Analytica signed the Letter of Intent to Participate in the LEDS-EEP Steering Committee and will continue supporting this initiative in the future.