2008-2009 Commentaries

December 2009
File-pdf-32The Key Challenges for Macedonia and the Western Balkans in 2010

November 2009
File-pdf-32Mixed Energy Assurances to Europe of a New Kiev/Moscow Gas Dispute in 2010

October 2009
File-pdf-32Lisbon Treaty - Possible Failure of the Lisbon Treaty

September 2009
File-pdf-32Proposed changes and amendments for the Law on Civil Servants - a path towards depolitization of the Civil Service?

August 2009
File-pdf-32Failing to be Accountable; Failing to Meet the Benchmark: Macedonia’ s Judicial Reforms

July 2009
File-pdf-32Diversify, Supply and Secure: Towards energy stability in Macedonia?

June 2009
File-pdf-32Civil Society in Macedonia - Why Values Matter…

May 2009
File-pdf-32The Name Dispute: an American Perspective

April 2009
File-pdf-32Religious Teaching in Schools - practices in Britain and France

March 2009
File-pdf-32Possible reform in NATO - "Consensus minus one"?

February 2009
File-pdf-32The Abortion Debate - a heated and never-ending ethical debate

January 2009
File-pdf-32Imagine, Create, Innovate: European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009

December 2008
File-pdf-32One year from the establishment of the Administrative Court – results and future challenges

November 2008
File-pdf-32The Global Credit Crunch

October 2008
File-pdf-32Macedonian’s GHG reduction potential – Chances for less polluted air

September 2008
File-pdf-32The One Stop Shop System in Macedonia

August 2008
File-pdf-32Water solutions in a changing climate

July 2008
File-pdf-32Beyond Blogging:Macedonia: Exploring new media

June 2008
File-pdf-32Ecotourism in Macedonia

May 2008
File-pdf-32New plastics recycling industry in Macedonia - Truth or Dare?

April 2008
File-pdf-32Renewable Energy - a new energy scenario for Macedonia?

March 2008
File-pdf-32The Challenges of Urban Living

February 2008
File-pdf-32Macedonian Human Potential: Trends and Challenges

January 2008
File-pdf-32Slovenian Presidency of EU