2017 May

Состојбата во секторите транспорт и енергетика во Република Македонија, како до забрзување на реформските процеси

 2017 May


 2017 April

Основни документи за следење на работата на Комисијата за заштита на правото на слободен пристап до информации од јавен карактер и Дирекцијата за заштита на личните податоци

Извештај за следењето на работата на Комисијата за заштита на правото на слободен пристап до информации од јавен карактер и Дирекцијата за заштита на личните податоци

 2017 January



 2016 October

Assessment of Macedonia’s efforts in countering violent extremism, view from civil society

  Напорите на Р. Македонија во спротивставувањето на насилниот екстремизам, поглед на граѓанското општество
  Vlerësimi i përpjekjeve të Maqedonisë në kundërvënien ndaj ekstremizmit të dhunshëm, pikëpamje nga shoqëria civile
 2016 August
Macedonia - The Citizen's Opinion of Police Force
Македонија - Јавно мислење за полицијата

Western Balkans - The Citizen's Opinion of Police Force
Западен Балкан - Јавно мислење за полицијата


26 April 2016
File-pdf-32Компаративна анализа: работни места во термоелектрани наспроти работни места во сектори со обновливи извори и енергетска ефикасност во Македонија

26 November 2015
File-pdf-32Community Policing Model in Skopje - from idea to reality
mkd_icon mkd_icon

02 July 2015
File-pdf-32Анализа на локалните програми за енергетска ефикасност во Македонија – состојби, предизвици, решенија

05 June 2015
File-pdf-32Communications interception oversight in Macedonia - making the impossible possible

18 March 2015
File-pdf-32The road to financial transparency and accountability of the institutions and companies in the energy sector in the Republic of Macedonia

04 March 2015
File-pdf-32Macedonia's Preparations for Civilian Contribution
to Peace Operations: the Next Big Thing After
the Withdrawal From Afghanistan

12 June 2014
File-pdf-32The state of energy (in)security in Macedonia
mkd_icon mkd_icon

12 June 2014
File-pdf-32Energy and security sector governance in Macedonia: how to improve its efficiency?

29 January 2014
File-pdf-32Analysis of the national policies and practices dealing with illegal migration and asylum seekers
mkd_icon mkd_icon

22 December 2013
File-pdf-32Comparative analysis of regional practices for parliamentary financial oversight of intelligence services
mkd_icon mkd_icon

1 December 2013
File-pdf-32Progress in the Europeanization of the security sector in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

30 September 2013
File-pdf-32Impact of migration on child growth in Albania and Macedonia

30 September 2013
File-pdf-32Education outcomes from migration and remittances in Albania and Macedonia

20 September 2013
File-pdf-32"Mechanisms for Fighting Police Corruption in the Republic of Macedonia-Legal and Institutional Set Up"

25 February 2013
File-pdf-32Towards 2nd generation of Security Sector Reforms in MACEDONIA
mkd_icon mkd_icon

23 January 2013
File-pdf-32Transparency of the Security Sector in Macedonia
mkd_icon mkd_icon

28 December 2012
File-pdf-32How far is Macedonia in fulfilling the requirements under Chapter 27 - Environment of the acquis

31 May 2012
File-pdf-32The story of the Macedonian heat market – how to reform it?

14 May 2012
File-pdf-32Almanac on Security Sector Oversight in the Western Balkans
mkd_icon alb_icon

28 April 2012
File-pdf-32Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in the Western Balkans - Macedonia as a Case Study
mkd_icon alb_icon

30 December 2011
File-pdf-32The challenge of achieving sustainable renewable energy policy in Macedonia

8 December 2011
File-pdf-32"Follow up – Macedonia and EU Funds – guidelines for Civil Society Organizations & expectations for the future"

31 August

8 August 2011
File-pdf-32Politicization in the Macedonian Public Administration

3 June 2011
File-pdf-32Security Policies in the Western Balkans

27 April 2011
File-pdf-32Scanning Macedonia’s performance under the European Commission’s Progress Report’s Chapter 21: A race with obstacles? – Part II

01 April 2011
File-pdf-32Context Analysis of the Security Sector Reform in Macedonia 1991 – 2008
mkd_icon alb_icon tr_icon

31 March 2011
File-pdf-32Emergence of Regional Leader in the Western Balkans - The case of Serbia and the implications for Macedonia

31 January 2011
File-pdf-32Scanning Macedonia’s performance under the European Commission’s progress report’s chapter 21: A race with obstacles? – Part I

24 November 2010
File-pdf-32Implementing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Measures - are Southeast European Countries on track? Barriers, Positive examples, proposed measures and policies

24 March 2010
File-pdf-32Regulatory Impact Assessment (2) – Macedonia in Focus

07 December 2009
File-pdf-32Macedonia’s lagging behind in efficient usage of EU Funds (IPA, the Framework Programmes) – Analytica’s analysis
mkd_icon alb_icon tr_icon

30 November 2009
File-pdf-32Regulatory Impact Assessment – Macedonia in Focus
mkd_icon tr_icon

29 October 2009
File-pdf-32Regional Cooperation in Southeast Europe The Post - Stability Pact Period
mkd_icon alb_icon tr_icon

07 October 2009
File-pdf-32Investments in Energy - the Macedonian case

25 September 2009
File-pdf-32Four Years from the Candidacy Status – what has been done and what can be expected?
mkd_icon alb_icon

25 July 2009
File-pdf-32Is Macedonia ready to start negotiations for EU membership regarding Chapter 27?
  mkd_icon alb_icon

29 April 2009
File-pdf-32Rightsizing of the Public Administration in Macedonia
mkd_icon alb_icon

20 March 2009
File-pdf-32Ending ‘Ghettoisation’ of the Western Balkans Visa Liberalisation Prospects
mkd_icon alb_icon

25 January 2009
File-pdf-32Wastewater Issue: High time for better management - The case of Macedonia
mkd_icon alb_icon

30 December 2008
File-pdf-32How to Achieve Quality Higher Education in Macedonia
mkd_icon alb_icon

30 December 2008
File-pdf-32Renewable energy in Macedonia - Focus on ‘green’ electricity production
mkd_icon alb_icon

19 December 2008
File-pdf-32Lessons Learned on Effective Public Administration in Macedonia
mkd_icon alb_icon tr_icon

17 October 2008
File-pdf-32Composting in Macedonia- Sound alternative or just a rotten idea?
mkd_icon alb_icon

12 September 2008
File-pdf-32The Enlargement of the EU to Balkans

24 July 2008
File-pdf-32Gas pipelines and Regional challenges: Assessment of the Macedonian role in the SEE natural gas market

24 July 2008
File-pdf-32Natural gas – an energy necessity for Macedonia: Overview of the Macedonian energy potential

17 July 2008
File-pdf-32Social Policy in Macedonia: Progress with EU Approximation

17 July 2008
File-pdf-32Employment: Progress with EU Approximation in Macedonia

15 April 2008
File-pdf-32Introducing career-based system in civil service

25 March 2008
File-pdf-32A NATO Solution for Macedonia

19 February 2008
File-pdf-32Macedonia Needs a Power Plant: A Reality or Near Future

10 December 2007
File-pdf-32Human Resources Management and Practices in Macedonian Civil Service

28 September 2007
File-pdf-32Has regional cooperation led to the establishment of Balkania: Europe’s Southeastern Dimension

21 September 2007
File-pdf-32EU Approximation in Macedonia

13 July 2007
File-pdf-32Evaluation of Public Administration Reforms in Macedonia

28 October 2005
File-pdf-32The end of a long transition? Macedonia's readiness for EU candidacy


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