2017 January



 2016 October

Assessment of Macedonia’s efforts in countering violent extremism, view from civil society

  Напорите на Р. Македонија во спротивставувањето на насилниот екстремизам, поглед на граѓанското општество
  Vlerësimi i përpjekjeve të Maqedonisë në kundërvënien ndaj ekstremizmit të dhunshëm, pikëpamje nga shoqëria civile
 2016 August
Macedonia - The Citizen's Opinion of Police Force
Македонија - Јавно мислење за полицијата

Western Balkans - The Citizen's Opinion of Police Force
Западен Балкан - Јавно мислење за полицијата


26 April 2016
File-pdf-32Компаративна анализа: работни места во термоелектрани наспроти работни места во сектори со обновливи извори и енергетска ефикасност во Македонија

26 November 2015
File-pdf-32Community Policing Model in Skopje - from idea to reality
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02 July 2015
File-pdf-32Анализа на локалните програми за енергетска ефикасност во Македонија – состојби, предизвици, решенија

05 June 2015
File-pdf-32Communications interception oversight in Macedonia - making the impossible possible

18 March 2015
File-pdf-32The road to financial transparency and accountability of the institutions and companies in the energy sector in the Republic of Macedonia

04 March 2015
File-pdf-32Macedonia's Preparations for Civilian Contribution
to Peace Operations: the Next Big Thing After
the Withdrawal From Afghanistan

12 June 2014
File-pdf-32The state of energy (in)security in Macedonia
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12 June 2014
File-pdf-32Energy and security sector governance in Macedonia: how to improve its efficiency?

29 January 2014
File-pdf-32Analysis of the national policies and practices dealing with illegal migration and asylum seekers
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22 December 2013
File-pdf-32Comparative analysis of regional practices for parliamentary financial oversight of intelligence services
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1 December 2013
File-pdf-32Progress in the Europeanization of the security sector in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

30 September 2013
File-pdf-32Impact of migration on child growth in Albania and Macedonia

30 September 2013
File-pdf-32Education outcomes from migration and remittances in Albania and Macedonia

20 September 2013
File-pdf-32"Mechanisms for Fighting Police Corruption in the Republic of Macedonia-Legal and Institutional Set Up"

25 February 2013
File-pdf-32Towards 2nd generation of Security Sector Reforms in MACEDONIA
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23 January 2013
File-pdf-32Transparency of the Security Sector in Macedonia
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28 December 2012
File-pdf-32How far is Macedonia in fulfilling the requirements under Chapter 27 - Environment of the acquis

31 May 2012
File-pdf-32The story of the Macedonian heat market – how to reform it?

14 May 2012
File-pdf-32Almanac on Security Sector Oversight in the Western Balkans
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28 April 2012
File-pdf-32Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in the Western Balkans - Macedonia as a Case Study
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30 December 2011
File-pdf-32The challenge of achieving sustainable renewable energy policy in Macedonia

8 December 2011
File-pdf-32"Follow up – Macedonia and EU Funds – guidelines for Civil Society Organizations & expectations for the future"

31 August

8 August 2011
File-pdf-32Politicization in the Macedonian Public Administration

3 June 2011
File-pdf-32Security Policies in the Western Balkans

27 April 2011
File-pdf-32Scanning Macedonia’s performance under the European Commission’s Progress Report’s Chapter 21: A race with obstacles? – Part II

01 April 2011
File-pdf-32Context Analysis of the Security Sector Reform in Macedonia 1991 – 2008
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31 March 2011
File-pdf-32Emergence of Regional Leader in the Western Balkans - The case of Serbia and the implications for Macedonia

31 January 2011
File-pdf-32Scanning Macedonia’s performance under the European Commission’s progress report’s chapter 21: A race with obstacles? – Part I

24 November 2010
File-pdf-32Implementing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Measures - are Southeast European Countries on track? Barriers, Positive examples, proposed measures and policies

24 March 2010
File-pdf-32Regulatory Impact Assessment (2) – Macedonia in Focus

07 December 2009
File-pdf-32Macedonia’s lagging behind in efficient usage of EU Funds (IPA, the Framework Programmes) – Analytica’s analysis
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30 November 2009
File-pdf-32Regulatory Impact Assessment – Macedonia in Focus
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29 October 2009
File-pdf-32Regional Cooperation in Southeast Europe The Post - Stability Pact Period
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07 October 2009
File-pdf-32Investments in Energy - the Macedonian case

25 September 2009
File-pdf-32Four Years from the Candidacy Status – what has been done and what can be expected?
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25 July 2009
File-pdf-32Is Macedonia ready to start negotiations for EU membership regarding Chapter 27?
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29 April 2009
File-pdf-32Rightsizing of the Public Administration in Macedonia
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20 March 2009
File-pdf-32Ending ‘Ghettoisation’ of the Western Balkans Visa Liberalisation Prospects
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25 January 2009
File-pdf-32Wastewater Issue: High time for better management - The case of Macedonia
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30 December 2008
File-pdf-32How to Achieve Quality Higher Education in Macedonia
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30 December 2008
File-pdf-32Renewable energy in Macedonia - Focus on ‘green’ electricity production
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19 December 2008
File-pdf-32Lessons Learned on Effective Public Administration in Macedonia
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17 October 2008
File-pdf-32Composting in Macedonia- Sound alternative or just a rotten idea?
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12 September 2008
File-pdf-32The Enlargement of the EU to Balkans

24 July 2008
File-pdf-32Gas pipelines and Regional challenges: Assessment of the Macedonian role in the SEE natural gas market

24 July 2008
File-pdf-32Natural gas – an energy necessity for Macedonia: Overview of the Macedonian energy potential

17 July 2008
File-pdf-32Social Policy in Macedonia: Progress with EU Approximation

17 July 2008
File-pdf-32Employment: Progress with EU Approximation in Macedonia

15 April 2008
File-pdf-32Introducing career-based system in civil service

25 March 2008
File-pdf-32A NATO Solution for Macedonia

19 February 2008
File-pdf-32Macedonia Needs a Power Plant: A Reality or Near Future

10 December 2007
File-pdf-32Human Resources Management and Practices in Macedonian Civil Service

28 September 2007
File-pdf-32Has regional cooperation led to the establishment of Balkania: Europe’s Southeastern Dimension

21 September 2007
File-pdf-32EU Approximation in Macedonia

13 July 2007
File-pdf-32Evaluation of Public Administration Reforms in Macedonia

28 October 2005
File-pdf-32The end of a long transition? Macedonia's readiness for EU candidacy


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