Transport and energy sector's current standing in the country, how to accelerate the reform process

Analytica during this period will work on the project Transport and energy sector's current standing in the country, how to accelerate the reform process which is funded by the IPA 2 CSO Mechanism, an EU funded project implemented by the MCET, Eco-Svest, Reactor and Zenith.

The aim of the project is improving the situation with the reforms in the sectors of transport and energy; greater involvement of civil society in the development of sectoral policies on the above topics; preparation of an expert report which will identify the main problems existing in these two sectors from which should result innovative solutions to accelerate the EU reform processes; improving public debates on policies that will lead to an increase in the number and quality of the participants in the debates on such important issues like energy and transport.

The analysis refers to two sectors: transport and energy, i.e. the responsible authorities for these sectors, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Energy Agency, the Energy Regulatory Commission, etc.

The results of the research will be useful for the donors who help the Macedonian institutions in the reforming of these two sectors as well as civil society organizations working on issues related to energy and transport policies, the media and so on.

The second target group are the citizens who will be informed of the status of the reforms in these two sectors and what needs to be done in order to improve their functioning.

 2017 May

Состојбата во секторите транспорт и енергетика во Република Македонија, како до забрзување на реформските процеси

Sonja Risteska for the media regarding the new study on transport and energy reform processes in Macedonia

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