Increased Proactive Transparency – one more step towards accountable public sector

The right to freedom of information is fundamental human right recognized in international law and guaranteed with the Macedonian Constitution. Freedom of information is connected to better transparency and holding the government to account. The Law on free access to public information provides solid basis for requesting and obtaining information from the institutions i.e. enabling reactive transparency. However, transparency and access to information is also measured by making information available proactively, on the web pages of the institutions.

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A key element for accelerating the economic development of a country is to develop the financial sector. That is the reason why the main goal of the regulatory and supervisor bodies in the country are creating and implementing policies in order to increase the stability and competitiveness of the financial sector to the level in which its successful integration into the global financial services market will be enabled. In response to the worst economic and financial crisis, there were measures taken to address the adverse effects and pressures and to maintain the favorable macroeconomic environment of the country.

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Should religious communities be involved in countering violent extremism (CVE)?

Many analyses and research are done about what are the main reasons of emergence and practice of violent extremism in the Balkan region.

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How can fiscal transparency lead to better accountability?

Financial instability in different countries has become one of the main causes for the global economic crisis. International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) is promoting the need for enhanced public sector reporting and financial management through its recently launched Accountability Now! Initiative, which aims to promote awareness, facilitate guidance on implementation of IPSASs, and encourage the development of needed technical skills.

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The Russian (gas) connection – how Macedonia did its deals

It is no novelty that Russia is meddling in the Western Balkans. In the last year, especially since the last US elections, the news regarding Russia’s influence in different regions including the Balkans have been increasing. Regarding energy however, this has been going on for a while and in a sense under the radar for several years.

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Policymakers and the public recently have been facing the question of “preventing violent extremism,” leaving many state officials wondering what a policy solution should look like.

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Reforms of Macedonia’s intelligence services, where to begin?

With the formation of the new government led by SDSM one of the most frequently mentioned reforms is the restructuring of Macedonian intelligence services.

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